The Dance Hall

Tuvora's work and a remarkable feat

The Dance Hall is the most significant and beautiful room at the Baroque Nebílovy Château. In 1785 the walls and ceiling were painted in the then popular spirit with romantic motifs of exotic landscapes with lush vegetation and exotic fauna. When the owners began to also use the hall for farming purposes in the 1830s, the interior decoration suffered considerably. After the state assumed ownership of the château in 1968, a decision was made to potect the paintings. The ceiling mural was completely removed and temporarily stored. In the meantime, the rotting vault was repaired, bearing in mind that 650 transferred panels would be returned to the ceiling. This ceremonial occasion did not occur at the château until 2012, when this miraculous feat was successfully implemented. Over the next two years all of the ceiling and wall murals were restored under the supervision of academic painter Karina Artouni. These magnificent works in their full beauty have been on public display since 2014.